Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall-ing into the Moment

Again I have slacked on posting to all you lovely readers... many apologies! I feel revamped after my fall break from school, where I went to Atlanta for a concert and South Carolina for the soccer team to enjoy the beach! Great times all around, and I was lucky enough to return to the mountains in time to see the leaves paint the landscape with orange, red, and yellow. So beautiful. It has been years since I have been in the northeast for fall, and it truly is such an amazing view. There are only 8 weeks left in the semester until winter break... inching my way to graduation!

Sometimes I get caught up in finishing and forget that this is what I love doing; being part of a community, going to class, and yes, occasionally homework too (if it is not for my math class. Anything reading/writing related is wonderful!). I hurt my shoulder a few weeks back and it is taking a long time to heal. I am working with patience, and being kind to my body. It is not easy after years of dance and figure skating where I learned to push through the pain no matter what.

Last night I watched the film Peaceful Warrior, about a gymnast at UC Berkeley (all the shots of campus made me miss it so much!) who breaks his leg and is struggling to always find the next best thing to fill himself with happiness. He meets a wise old man who helps him learn that the journey is where the truth of joy sits, and so here I am trying to stay focused. Sometimes we are always trying to speed ahead- just get to summer, just get to that dream job, just graduate... the grass is always greener. Appreciate where you are RIGHT NOW.

Lululemon offers free yoga classes weekly around the country- check them out, usually some of the best teachers in the area! I have taken a few classes there this week, definitely worth it.

Tip of the week: Drink a cup of tea- and do only that. No rushing, try to clear the mind and be here now.

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  1. Katie, thanks again for sharing this! As I drink a cup of hot chai and contemplate my impending second winter in the Bay Area I miss you greatly and am so glad to hear the positive things happening to you. You should also check out Moneyball for some nostalgic images of the Bay Bridge and 880S.

    Love you.