Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Wellness Cricket

These 2 weeks have been incredibly inspiring! I am so grateful to be back in college. This evening I was writing in the library for my poetry class (which I love) and looking around at all the students reading all sorts of material. It is a beautiful thing to be in a place of focused students bettering their minds through their studies, nose in the book, brains pumping away to open channels of knowledge and creativity. I have been writing so much (yes, that is my major), more in one week than I have in three years!
My job on campus is more than perfect: I am research assistant to Professor Bob Swoap, an amazing psychology teacher and wellness advocate. He was one of my favorite teachers when I attended school here 3 years ago. He approached me and after discussing my interests and what I have been doing in time away from college (which is wellness/yoga research and experience) invited me to work with him. Thus I have taught my largest yoga class of over 50 students to the men and women's soccer teams (and a few stragglers), coordinated yoga classes with the wellness crew, working on bringing awesome events to campus, researching wellness initiatives, and assisting Bob as he writes a book. Absolutely a manifestation of what I wanted to be doing on campus.
My classes are wonderful (except math, but thats how that goes), and I am thrilled to be here. I do miss Jesse (my boyfriend) and Siva (our pup!) immensely, but we are all doing great and that is what is important.
I am playing soccer again, getting the rust off my cleats so to speak. It has been so awesome playing on a team again! Love the girls, exercise and laughs we have on and off the field. There are some fantastic people on campus.

Tip of the day: Be courageous. Submit an article to a magazine and join a team... Creativity and community are key components to happiness.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Down in the Valley

I have found myself back in the swannanoa valley, North Carolina and wondering what the hell just happened! It has been 3 years since I have seen these mountains, coffee shops, mountain bikes... and it feels like I have spent a lifetime and no time at all now that I am back. Asheville has some great new scenes that I have witnessed thus far including; an awesome bar in the River Arts district that has a huge backyard on the French Broad River with delicious beer, and the Asheville Community Yoga Center. All classes (and there are many with all types) are donation based that goes right back to the studio. Michael is the owner, a very enthusiastic yogi about not paying for yoga and that his studio is doing very well and looking to expand. My thought is that they should be paying the instructors a bit, but it is nice that the students do not have to pay if they cannot. Beautiful space to practice.
I had the physical trainer here look at my knee, which he proceeded to put pressure on my knee and make me push up or down left or right. I could not do it with my left leg, but my right could. However, when he pressed down on certain points in my belly it was like magic and my leg could do whatever! More updates about how this process goes, pretty amazing stuff.

It has been thunderstorms every afternoon. Very different weather than Berkeley.
I have also been hanging out with a dear friend who graduated WWC last year, and she is leaving today. So grateful to have had that while I am back in a new place trying to plant my feet down.

Tip of the day: Go take a dip into a river.

Monday, August 8, 2011

360 Degrees back to Asheville

The truth of the matter is before me- Asheville, NC is two days away! I have decided to join the soccer team (yes, it has been 5 years!) and have high hopes for a beautiful connection with teammates, love of the game, kick myself into even better shape, and not blowing my knee out along the way. That being said, I am also the yoga teacher for the team! Each Wednesday will be a power yoga class for the 20 ladies, and maybe I will teach to the other sports teams as well.
Exciting times ahead! I am thrilled to be back in school. This flow of life was unexpected: to leave California, be back at Warren Wilson, to take some space in my relationship, for my dog to be with my parents until December... and I am so grateful for it all.
I miss teaching yoga, and feel bliss to know I am to teach Off the Mat into the World at school. Creating grounded leaders to inspire the world is an opportunity to be taken seriously.
I have decided with my new schedule that I will update this blog from here on out every Sunday- mark it in your calendars! Blurbs about my life, how I perceive the world and challenges to come, and tips to stay grounded.

Tip of the day: Write something, even if you are not the next James Joyce.