Sunday, October 2, 2011

Love for Family

Forgot to post last week! I have been extremely busy with school and work. I had my first school-wide event this past Thursday. A master West African drummer came to campus during lunch with djembes and different kinds of hand drums, and a drum circle ensued! It was so wonderful to see so many students interested in learning the technique, get into the music and away from the cigarette smoking area. A few teachers brought their kids over to dance and listen. I created a wellness newsletter for students to hand out during the drum circle (like flies to the light students gathered and I dished out the goods). I am also offering free private yoga sessions to those trying to quit smoking because it is the largest killer in the United States, and most people start as teenagers. I am trying to make a difference where I can, stay focused on school work, health, and maintaining my sanity through the jam packed day.
It was amazing to have my parents in town this weekend. They are so generous (DELICIOUS food and warm clothes galore) and loving that my heart was filled with gratitude. They even sat through a freezing game of soccer (our best game yet!).
Tip of the Day: Indulge. Chocolate cheesecake? Yes please!

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