Sunday, July 8, 2012

The View From Here

Sometimes it takes a leap to feel a shift. Last week I went home to Boston to visit my family, drive to Cape Cod, and relax on the beach with 10 magazines ready to read (these included Utne Reader, The New York Times Magazine, and the New Yorker). Epic? Quite. To be able to spend time in the sun and not have ANY obligations was marvelous. What could be better? Correct. Swimming for hours in the ocean, eating ice cream at the Sundae School, the NY Aronowitz clan visiting, petting ol' Belle... life is good!

It did make me realize how important my family is to me, how little I get to see them, and how much I wish I lived closer. It was so nice to be able to come back to Asheville and teach at Lululemon. The girls that work there are so nice, and the students were equally as appreciative and awesome.

I'm teaching this next week at 5 pm for Izzy at AYC, but will not be teaching this Saturday (I am away for the weekend).

I WILL however be writing a monthly or weekly (my meeting is on Wednesday) column for the Mountain Xpress about yoga happenings (or Yappenings, as a friend coined it) in the Asheville area. Stay posted!

Tip of the Week:

Send someone a hand written letter to a friend or family member. There is nothing like getting one of those in the mail :)

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