Sunday, June 17, 2012

Time to Revive

Well, it has been quite a few weeks since I've last posted... summer has begun! Beautiful weather has infiltrated Asheville, and we are in the midst of a gorgeous, light-hearted June. WNC Magazine has proved to be one of the best places I've worked. Great people, a fabulous editor, and the chance to write for a highly reputable publication is just peaches. While I do miss the folks back in Boston and New York, I am happy to be in these mountains. It is starting to feel like home.

Teaching yoga at Asheville Yoga Center is so refreshing- a small studio and teaching only one class a week is a nice change. While I loved teaching 13 classes at Corepower, it is a nice step back to remember what teaching is all about. That part kind of got lost when you try to make rent in the bay area with yoga. I got into the rhythm of teaching the same class over and over again. Variation is back in place, and inspiration is rejuvenated. The space is lovely, as are the students. Back to 90 minute classes was a throw back, but it is nice to have so much time to practice. I also get free classes at the studio :).

It was a complete 180 from writing so much in college to editing. They are two very different yet very intertwined workings of the writer. With reading so many stories, I got the bug to put something down on paper again. My intention for the summer is a short story. Luckily, my friends have started a beer and writing group (two excellent things to do) to keep the fire stoked. I also needed to rethink my creative outlets...

And so, the tip of the week:

Sarah runs her first 5k!

Dance class at Bobo Gallery
 Find that one thing you love to do and can never seem to find the time to do it. My editor recently told me she wishes she still does art. So do it! I will be writing and dancing. What will you do?

Oh, and don't forget to spend time with loved ones. <3 Kate

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