Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Response to NY Times article, photos, and collab!


Christmas day! And a new post in an old blog. I am working on revamping for a new website (and gathering the funds to do so), so a full opportunity to check out what is up in the Asheville area is in the works.
Currently, I am home in Boston, MA for the holiday season. Yesterday was my Jewish roots dug down deep as I made a trip to Kendall Square Cinema to see the new Hitchock film. It was awesome and made me want to put on all my favorite Hitchcock films: Vertigo, the Birds, Strangers on a Train, and, of course, Psycho. Spending time with my family makes me appreciate how much love we really have for one another, how beautifully we support one another, and how we enjoy spending time together.

I read the above linked article this morning in the print newspaper (YES, SUPPORT PRINT!!!). Very interesting response from William Broad about his criticized book, "The Science of Yoga: The Risks and Rewards." In it, Broad discusses the possible injuries from a yoga practice. Met with much fire, the yoga community backlashed. I actually agree with Broad- yoga can be very dangerous. People push themselves too hard, teachers are not careful about who can do what pose, and individuals ignore pain.

I am one of the guilty.

I ignore the pain. I recently sprained my ankle in a soccer game (the finals. We lost, c'est la vie), and did not give myself time to heal. Since then (a month ago), I have pushed myself into poses and run several miles ignoring my sickled ankle.

Broad offers a glimmer of truth- individuals can injure themselves in yoga, especially men. Scientifically, men push themselves hard to show their macho manliness innate nature. Thus, sprains, dislocations, fractures, and nerve damage manifest. This is something I constantly remind my yoga students. I was a competitive athlete, and constantly told to push through the pain. But this is where our body begins to weaken, not strengthen. Just because you are doing yoga does not mean that it is good for you. Each pose is an option, an opportunity to go further if you need it. How often I say this and the ego pushes to the surface and students struggle into a posture. Take a moment, and as one of my teacher says to remind yourself, "Look at that monkey mind trying to grab onto something. How interesting you are, ego!".  Trust me, your ego will not be happy with a dislocated shoulder, and neither will your physical or emotional body.

my best friend in Asheville.

Holiday dinner with my family. My cousin (purple hair), brother, and best friend April visiting from Hawaii

my cousins. so cute!

the cousins, etc. good times!

NYC over Thanksgiving break. <3 Even here, I am social media-ing it up! #kvlundo #yoga #wellness #broadway

Check out the article. Interesting stuff. And take it easy, dudes!

Happiest of holidays to all of you and yours. 2013 is going to be a fantastic year. We need to take the time to be honest with ourselves and take care of our health... I teach Saturdays at 215 at AYC. :) And keep your eyes peeled for some Lululemon collab!

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