Monday, January 14, 2013

Rejuvenation. Relaxation. And fantastic adventures on the horizon!

The past few weeks have been so nourishing and revitalizing! It is so nice to have the time to relax, strengthen, and stretch... funny enough, that is my tagline for my classes. I am planning a yoga retreat with my friend and yoga instructor Sarah Jean to Peru in June, so stay tuned for updates on that amazing adventure.

The easiest summation for this blog post may be as a list of some of the rejuvenation I have experienced the last few weeks. Hopefully it will inspire you to seek out what it is you are looking for...

Soak in hot springs
Hike all around the Blue Ridge Mountains with my dog
Eat delicious food including sushi and chocolate cake
Spend time with family
Make new friends and hang out with them
Go on awesome dates, including a yoga date and a writing lecture date
Attend writing lectures- especially free ones
Work and make money... and then go shopping
Revamp and rework your workout routine
Go out to dinner with yourself. Also, go out to dinner with friends
Go to hip hop shows
Go running
Drink hella ginger tea
Play pool and drink beer (but not too much of it. This applies to both pool and beer)
Drink almond milk lattes
my brother and I at a cool bookstore in Portsmouth, NH. It is the sister bookstore of Raven Books in Cambridge, both of which are stellar.

Ms Wishnick at Max Patch, NC

The Royal Baby

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