Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Wellness Cricket

These 2 weeks have been incredibly inspiring! I am so grateful to be back in college. This evening I was writing in the library for my poetry class (which I love) and looking around at all the students reading all sorts of material. It is a beautiful thing to be in a place of focused students bettering their minds through their studies, nose in the book, brains pumping away to open channels of knowledge and creativity. I have been writing so much (yes, that is my major), more in one week than I have in three years!
My job on campus is more than perfect: I am research assistant to Professor Bob Swoap, an amazing psychology teacher and wellness advocate. He was one of my favorite teachers when I attended school here 3 years ago. He approached me and after discussing my interests and what I have been doing in time away from college (which is wellness/yoga research and experience) invited me to work with him. Thus I have taught my largest yoga class of over 50 students to the men and women's soccer teams (and a few stragglers), coordinated yoga classes with the wellness crew, working on bringing awesome events to campus, researching wellness initiatives, and assisting Bob as he writes a book. Absolutely a manifestation of what I wanted to be doing on campus.
My classes are wonderful (except math, but thats how that goes), and I am thrilled to be here. I do miss Jesse (my boyfriend) and Siva (our pup!) immensely, but we are all doing great and that is what is important.
I am playing soccer again, getting the rust off my cleats so to speak. It has been so awesome playing on a team again! Love the girls, exercise and laughs we have on and off the field. There are some fantastic people on campus.

Tip of the day: Be courageous. Submit an article to a magazine and join a team... Creativity and community are key components to happiness.

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