Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Beauty of Team

It is truly an inspirational experience to be on a team again. The girls on the team have become some of my closest friends, and the time on and off the field is exceptional. Into the full swing with school I am completely immersed in college life again (minus the ridiculous parties and drugs). I have truly an amazing job as I am working on creating a community at Warren Wilson away from cigarettes and booze and onto the yoga mat and spaces away from marijuana culture. The students want that as well! We just need to give the opportunity and events to make that happen.
Today's yoga class was really beautiful. Great group of people, and I feel that we have so much to offer when stress is off our backs and we can just be- to work hard without the hassle of trying to fit in and act a social role. It is so lovely to teach yoga and feel connected and not leave the studio to go to our separate houses on separate streets and never see one another. Here we walk off the mats and go to dinner, see one another on campus, knowing that that person is working on their yoga. A bond is made.

Another place I went this week that inspired me was the UNCA Well-a-Bration. This was the opening of the new (GORGEOUS!) wellness center at UNCA. My boss and colleague and I went to the leadership team meeting for Eat Smart Move More organization. Fantastic visionaries are willing to work together for a brighter and healthier tomorrow. Reminded me of Off the Mat Into the World- working together to benefit everyone.

Hopefully I will pick up a camera soon so I can take pictures and post! My first publication came out this week in the college newspaper. It felt great.

Tip of the Day: After yoga class or community gardening grab a bite to eat or coffee with someone. Keep the connection flowing...


  1. It sounds like it was a wonderful week, full of yoga and balance and community. I am so happy and so very proud of you, as always. love you!

  2. You are inspirational. How can we read your newspaper article? x

  3. You guys are so great. Here it is!