Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Earth Day Asheville, Illness, and more!

It is always a little bit funny to write a health blog when I am sick at home. Well, these things happen, and I think it is the universe telling me to slow down... so far down that I am in bed all day. This might also be called "running yourself into the ground." Lesson learned (for now). A neighbor commented today about how fast I walk my dog. "The city still thrives within my bones," I told him. But I think the message is clear about my pace. I quicken it when I am nervous or stressed. As the end of the semester rolls around, and my decision to stay in Asheville to complete an internship with WNC Magazine takes root, I notice my fear of being alone. I notice that when I am not with my boyfriend, I feel like I need to do EVERYTHING humanly possible... working out, finishing schoolwork, getting work done, taking on more jobs, taking care of siva (my dog), going to soccer, spending time in the sun... yes the list goes on.

But Saturday afternoon was so much fun. I spent the day in Asheville with some of my closest friends (and probably half of my college) at Earth Day downtown Asheville. It felt like summer was really starting. The festivals, the excitement, the dancing. It was all lovely. Monday was a reality check as my illness started to swell (2 hours of playing soccer in ice cold rain will do that) and my end of semester course work became real as my to do list grew. I tried to do so much yesterday and then BAM stuck in bed.

As my best friend who lives in Hawaii says, "Keep paddlin through the waves." True that.

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