Sunday, April 8, 2012

You are a real Winner!

Today I woke up in San Diego. So lovely! The weather is gorgeous, and I am more than grateful to have a week off from school to attend the Art and Science of Health Promotion Conference. Spending time with my brothers (and their wonderful partners) proves to be an inspiring and healing experience. Funny how that is, when I think about all those years of bickering as young'uns. We've grown closer over the years, though I never thought it would happen when I was 13.
I've been thinking about wisdom with age and experience. We think we know how the world works when we are 16. I remember believing it to be about competition. I had to be better and prettier than anyone else. It was a losing battle. But every girl I knew was competing, and every girl thought she was losing. How can we win in a society that is so damn judgmental? This is when my feet step onto my mat. Letting go of that competitive streak (that is sometimes beneficial in certain situations) helps relieve the stress that builds when we are constantly comparing ourselves to other people. Being with family, with my brothers who have known me for all my 24 years, helps me to accept who I am today. Especially because they have seen me through my many phases. And they love me through it all.

Tip of the Week: Take a moment to notice where you are competitive in your life. Clothing? Being thin? Strength? Intelligence? Then take a deep breath to acknowledge that, and perhaps make a commitment for the next hour to not be like that.

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