Monday, April 30, 2012

Local Happenins

Ah yes, in the midst of finals, and feeling a little bit crazy. Ok, very crazy. Today we presented our research we have been doing at the local elementary school here in Swannanoa. We implemented a fitness program into a school that barely has time for recess. We used Dr. Toni Yancey's program called Instant Recess. Great success! Check it out here:

After a very stressful day, I took my dog out to the woods. It was so beautiful out, and I was so grateful that I had the ambition to make it out to the trees and flowers. It made a huge difference in my mood, and I had a surge of faith that I could make it through the next few weeks. Also, this package arrived today from my mother. How does she know I needed organic lollypops and ayurvedic tea?!

Feist plays in Asheville on Wednesday. Very excited to go hear some beautiful music. I also signed up for twitter! I don't know exactly how it works but follow me on it!

Below is also a photo of Mamacitas, the best burrito in town. On Thursday it was Dine Out for Life, the Asheville benefit for people living with AIDS. Awesome benefit, awesome food.

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