Sunday, November 6, 2011

Soccer season done, winter on the way!

My body is ready for rest! 4 months of soccer almost every day and my hamstrings, hips and hip flexors are ridiculously sore. Was it worth it? Absolutely. With 5 weeks left of my first semester back at college (!!!) I am ready to hit the gym, yoga mat, books and sleep. We won our second game at nationals with a beautiful goal by my friend Lily in the last 7 seconds. It was so epic to end our season on that note. We had a hard time keeping our head up sometimes throughout the last few months with few wins and many losses. However, by the end of it all we pulled it together and had so much fun playing together. The girls on the team are amazing.
I was in NY a week ago when the snowstorm hit. Needless to say I was ecstatic to get back to 60 degree, sunny North Carolina. These next few weeks will be insanely busy, but it is doing work that I love. Time to focus...

Tip of the Day: To help focus drink green tea and have a morning yoga practice. Clear the mind and prepare the body for the work ahead of you.

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