Sunday, November 27, 2011

Boston and NYC...home again

It was lovely to be home for Thanksgiving! After an eventful plane ride I made it to Long Island, where family, beer and ny pizza made it all worth it. I am so lucky to have such a supportive, amazing family that genuinely believes in what we all do, and how we make our mark in the world. I loved being in my fuzzy socks and lounging around with a glass of wine and watching movies with my cousins.
We also went to the 9/11 memorial at ground zero. It was incredibly moving, and brought tears to my eyes. Hundreds of names surrounded everflowing fountains where the towers were. 10 years ago my father could have been on that flight, and it makes me feel sick to think what these last 10 years would be like without him. I am so grateful to have my family so close to me. At the same time, so many fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, friends etc were killed in the terrorist attacks. I took a moment gazing at the water where the towers were to truly offer up my prayers to those families. My heart goes out to you.

Walking the highline in NYC was lovely, though terribly crowded. Boston is beautiful. I took a fabulous yoga class in Rockville Centre, where my cousins live.

Tip of the Week: Spend 5 minutes of gratitude for your family. Breathe easy.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for opportunities, for California and friends, and reading your blog from afar.

  2. katie i miss you so much! you are so great. happy holidays love.