Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Sweetest Thing

"My dear friend and mentor, Seane Corn, once told me, “I wish you plenty of pain.” Once I got past the “but I thought we were friends” reaction, she explained what she meant. Pain and injury are what allows us to grow. If we were to skate through life without a care, we would breeze past so many beautiful nuances that make us who we are. It’s the pain and struggle that give us power and stability; the strongest trees bear the deepest roots and can endure anything. So in that sense, injury isn’t always this dark angel out to get us—often it’s the perfect recipe for allowing us to experience empathy, growth, and compassion." -Kathryn Budig about Seane Corn

This past week was full of surprises that threw me off balance, stressed me out, and made me feel slighted. It is easy to get caught up in the drama of life, to feel like a tornado picked you up and spiraled you into chaos. It is also normal to wonder why certain things happen to us. Why did that person treat me that way? Why did this negative interaction happen? But here it is, laid out by 2 of my mentors. It is through these moments that we grow, that we learn and move forward as a stronger and better person. After the emotional torrent passes a bit, or maybe in the morning, your eyes can feel a little softer and your brow relaxes a bit. Every moment is for you to understand another aspect of people, interactions, and overall, life. It is a matter of perception and compassion for the self and others. Whether you are experiencing an emotional or physical injury keep in mind that it is just another moment to learn from. We are all here to support one another through it.

This week when I was teaching (I teach in a big space on campus) my dog decided the best place to lay down was on my mat. It was hilarious, he would not move.The small moments that make you smile are sometimes the sweetest thing.

Tip of the Week: Think of what 'injury' you are are working through. Spend a few minutes to cultivate strength through the pain. Then, go do something that makes you a happier person!

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  1. You might know that Mercury is in retrograde starting last week - the universe is trying to slow us all down :)