Monday, February 6, 2012

A Touch of Gray

Sometimes it feels like there is nothing to write because my routine sets in and I am doing the same thing every week. I work at these times, I teach at this location, I go to that class. It becomes a conundrum and the spark for inspiration can feel a bit dull. How do we keep our spirits up?  A few things that have worked for me this past week:

1) Sitting down with a cup of tea and a new book on a comfy couch.
2) Taking the dogs out for a run
3) Calling up an old friend
4) Listening to live music

Even those can feel out of reach to inspire creativity. Pushing through the day and doing what needs to get done, breathing through it all, getting your workout and healthy food in is sometimes all we can do to make it through. This weekend it was 60 degrees in Asheville, and I sat outside with my puppy and a book and it was a simple thing but completely fulfilling. At least for that hour. Mood swings can set in and we can fly from feeling content to discontent in a matter of moments. It is all part of living. We are here to experience the light, the dark, and the gray.

Tip of the Week: Set aside an hour to do something that makes you feel good and that the day has been successful in lifting your mood.

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