Monday, February 13, 2012

Date Night

Definitely feel like we are back into the full swing of things. Winter break seems far away, and my busy schedule feels again familiar. When Friday comes around it is easy to want to break free, go crazy, let loose, have fun! We work so hard during the week that we love having a night when we do not have to set the alarm clock and we choose to spend the day any way we desire. However, sometimes we need a rejuvenation more than a party night.

This past Friday I had planned to go out in downtown Asheville with my friends for some beer, but around 6 pm I was exhausted and wanted a night to myself. Instead of going out drinking, I found myself in a Sivananda yoga class with Wes at the YMCA. I needed it more than I knew. I walked in, set up my mat, and immediately went to childs pose. I could breathe deepply again. The practice was relatively slow paced, but intelligently sequenced and guided by Wes' compassionate voice. A good teacher can sequence an interesting class, but a great teacher can guide and move the tone of the practice with the students. It was as though Wes tapped into our energy bank and guided our stressed energy from the week to release onto the mat until all that was left was our breath and body.

Happy and peaceful, I made my way to Rosetta's Kitchen for a Buddha bowl, Kombucha, and yes, a slice of their amazing chocolate peanut butter cake. I went home and watched a movie, ate my delicious food, and hung out with my husky pup. Sometimes we need this kind of a Friday evening (though if anyone had an outside snapshot of me it may have looked like I just broke up with my boyfriend or something). I was perfectly content, woke up Saturday morning rejuvenated happy and focused.

Tip of the Week: Spend a date night with yourself. Maybe Tuesday? Nurture.

My best friend who lives in Hawaii. When you can't spend a night with your bestie, be your own best friend

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