Monday, February 20, 2012


This past week has been incredibly stressful- several tests, quizzes, and papers due. It is easy to get caught up in what is expected of you and to feel the need to please others. This was my situation. Come Thursday, I was horribly unsettled about a test on Friday and could focus neither in the library nor in my office. I felt depleted, and could not concentrate. I tried several times to stay because I had philosophy class at 1 pm. I could not do it. I left school, and on the way home my friend invited me to a yoga class. My first thought is no, I need to study. My next thought was how much I need that class. The class was a slow, intelligently sequenced hatha class taught by Jeri, who I used to work for at South Asheville Yoga. The class was incredibly healing. The next 3 days I attended yoga and went hiking. I felt so much better. I did the best I could on my test, and that is all we can really ask of ourselves. Expectations seem to be constantly pressing down on our minds and bodies, and to be able to perform better we need to be our selves. The more relaxed you are, the better you perform. Jeri said during class, "We need to learn when to use our active self, and when to use our relaxed self. The yin and yang. There is a balance between the 2, and we are on our mat to find that."

After class on Friday one of my closest friends looked at me and said:

"Why do we ever question if we should go to yoga class or not? We feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. Who doesn't want that?"

Well put Diana.

Tip of the Week: Nurture and nourish how you see fit. Tap into who you are, and live that life.

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