Monday, February 27, 2012

Finding Balance with a Chair

Sometimes an hour can make a year feel worthwhile.
Today I taught yoga to a few guys who have suffered traumatic brain injury. Their movement was extremely limited, but we were not practicing yoga to perfect the crow pose, or bind in side angle. We did chair yoga, and it felt like the most pure yoga I've done in a while. They were there to make their bodies and minds feel better. I was touched by how humble these people were. They survived an accident but came out a different type of person. Yet they were still pushing through, still eating breakfast and watching sunsets. They were so grateful that I spent the hour teaching them yoga. They especially enjoyed the 3 part breath. The Positive Psychology class joined us for the session, and it was incredible to watch the discussion afterwards. Everyone was pretty much saying the same thing. They felt better. They did not realize how much stress they were carrying. I felt as if a piece of my purpose in life was fulfilled.

I received this email from the day program coordinator this afternoon:

Hello Kate,

Thank you for investing yourself into today's Positive Psychology class.  When a yoga teacher can motivate and stimulate a full class of people to follow, that's impressive.  When the topic is yoga, and there's males in the class, the task is even more difficult.  I respect what you've accomplished.

Feel proud, and continue to invest your giftedness in teaching yoga.  The need is great as evidence by America's health statistics.

 Your presence is welcome here, please let us know what time(s) might work for you in the coming months?


  1. You are amazing- but we already know that! Sounds like you know what's important (and it ain't grammar grades). Congratulations on living your passion and dream.