Sunday, December 4, 2011

Redefining Who You Are

This week I was assigned to make a blog for class, and seeing as I already have this amazing one, I asked if I could just rework Light on Balance. I got the go ahead, and I realized there are so many areas in my life I could improve. We think things are finished, or ok as they are, but truly everything right now in my life needs a bit of revamping. Stress this week has been a major factor, and it is NOT an easy thing to deal with! Unhealthy habits due to stress: alcohol, procrastination, overworking, and most of all forgetting that we can fill ourselves with love instead of depending on other people to do that. After a few weeks of getting to know a great guy we decided to end it at least for a little while. Though I am upset about it, I am also aware of how quickly I lose sight of the all the beautiful things in front of me. With only two weeks left of my first semester back in college I have a lot to do before I board the plane back to Boston. My intentions are to make healthy choices, work out at least 6 days out of the week, and maintain my gpa.

Cute photo of the fam- cant wait to see them again in a few weeks!

Tip of the Week: Write out your intentions. And then make it happen!!!


  1. Katie! So glad to read this post, it gives me food for thought. You are wonderful and I miss you so much, and also wishing more and more that we could make it home for Christmas this year. I love this family photo! Stay calm and carry on, you are doing so well and we are proud of you. x

  2. Mary, you are amazing. Wish you guys were here for christmas.