Monday, December 12, 2011

A Hella Hectic Week with a Wonderful End in Sight

Monday post because I was so tired yesterday to write anything worth noting. This is my last week of school until I have a month long break where I will be snowboarding in Maine, seeing my Boston friends, and relaxing with my beautiful family. The best news in a while popped up on Thursday. I will be moving to downtown Asheville today! Great house, one other chill roommate, and he has a really cute one year old coon hound named Mona for my Siva to play with. I am unbelievably excited to reunite with my baby dog. I know my parents are going to miss him, they have been watching him since mid August. Pretty much anyone who meets him loves him. I need to get through this week and maintain my good grades, my sanity, and friendships. It is not easy! It is also a time where we are wishing the week would be over- very easy to miss the present moment.

Tip of the Week: Breathe deep for 5 minutes. Remember this is all just part of the experience.

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